How To Load Your Chime Card at CVS

  • Loading your Chime card at any Chime deposit partner is pretty much the same, except for the transaction fees and transfer times. Here’s how to load your Chime card at CVS.

    Find a CVS Store

    Start by finding a CVS store near you. If you’re unsure of the nearest location, you can find it using the CVS store locator or the Google map below. The tool will also give you directions to the store and detail its hours of operation.

    Load the Money
    Once you are in the store, go to any cashier and give them your Chime card. Then, hand them the amount you want to add to your card.
    Pay the Fee
    Every retailer has a different fee for loading your Chime card. The cashier will tell you the fee depending on the amount you’re adding to your chime card. If you’re visiting a location for the first time, it’s best to ask the cashier about the fees beforehand since they may differ between states.

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