How to Activate Cash App Card?

  • So, you have received a brand new Cash App card. If you are wondering why your cash card is not working, be informed that Square Cash App sends disabled cash cards by default. Users are required to activate their Cash App card online. This is the one-time process that you can do right through your mobile phone with the help of your Square payment app. Only then you can set your Cash App card PIN and settings. Also, you can cash out your Cash App money at any ATM in the USA and make quick payments in just a swap. So, it's quite important to follow the right cash app card activation process.

    In this post, you will find out the genuine and step by step process which has been approved by Square Cash App. More specifically, I will describe two different methods with the help of which you can enable your Cash App card. One is automatic method by scanning QR code and second is manual method which involves using card number, CVV and expiry date.

    But, first of all, as we always do, let's begin with the basics- Why is my Cash App card not working?

    Why is my Cash App card disabled or not working?

    Dear cash app user, as mentioned above, if you have received your Cash App card just now and you are shocked to see that you can't make payment through it. It doesn't mean that your card is malfunctioned or damaged. All Cash App users have to carry out the activation process. It doesn't take more than two minutes if you know the correct method to activate your cash card online. Below is the more information.

    How to Activate Square Cash App cards online?

    Cash App lets the user activate their Cash App cards through two ways. The first method is to scan a QR code and the second method is to use cash card details without scanning the QR code. You can learn about both methods and follow any one.

    Simple steps to activate a Cash App Visa Debit Card by scanning QR code

    Before you start following the steps, first make sure that you have received your unique and exclusive QR code. Users get their QR codes printed on cover letter or inside packing. Hence, unbox your brand new Cash App card carefully without damaging your QR code. These are the simple steps to follow to add life to it:

    • Launch a Cash App on your phone.

    • Tap the "card" icon available on the home screen.

    • Here comes an image of a typical image of a cash card. Click on this image.

    • Now hit the "Scan QR Code" tab and grant permission to Cash App to access your mobile camera.

    • If required, go to the settings and enable the camera access on Cash App.

    • Now you are all set to go ahead and scan your QR code.

    • Once you scan your code, automatically your Cash App wallet will fetch the details and your card will activate.

    • From now onwards you can use your Cash App cash card and use it to make quick payment, enable direct deposit service and withdraw cash money too.

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    How to activate a Cash App Card manually (using CVV code)?

    If the scanning method is not working to activate your Cash App card, you can try the manual method. Actually, manual method or without scanning QR code involves using the Cash card details like CVV number, Cash App Visa Debit card number or expiry dates. Here are the simple steps to follow:

    • Get into your Cash App wallet on your phone.

    • Look down on the home screen to find a card shaped icon and tap on it.

    • Move down to find the cash app card activation option and click on it.

    • Select "CVV" to activate your cash card without QR code.

    • Here come fields where you need to enter the details of your cash card like card number, CVV, date of expiration of your card.

    • Carefully type all the information correctly in the given areas.

    • Now press the "activate" button to complete the process.

    • Once you finish the process, your card will activate within just a few seconds.

    Final Say

    Thank you for taking time to read today's post: How to activate the Cash App Card with & without scanning QR code. We are sure all the above mentioned steps to activate your disabled Cash App Visa debit card will come as a great help. Even after following the correct steps, if your cash card does not activate or work, feel free to ask for more help. You might be interested in knowing how to enable Cash App direct deposit.

    Bottom Line:-

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