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    Recently we blogged about the stealth assassination game HITMAN landing on GOG.com. Not especially Linux information yet intriguing industry news to watch on, as a result of the substantial reaction it had and also currently GOG has removed it offer for sale. Quick note: while the video game does have a Linux build ported by Feral Interactive on Vapor, like the rest of Feral titles it really did not make it to GOG.

    As a reminder on the problem - gunman is a single-player game, nonetheless it does lock quite a lot of functions to do with development behind requiring an on the internet connection. With GOG being well-known for its anti-DRM position, bringing that over did not rest well with customers and also the backlash generated well over 2,000 posts on the GOG discussion forum.

    GOG did later on add a notice regarding the on-line attributes to the store web page however it had not been enough.

    2 days ago a GOG staffer mentioned it had actually been eliminated, below s their statement:

    Beloved Neighborhood,

    Thanks for your patience as well as for giving us the time to check out the launch of hit man GOTY on GOG. As assured, we re obtaining back to you with updates.

    We re still in discussion with IO Interactive regarding this launch. Today we have actually gotten rid of HITMAN GOTY from GOG s brochure-- we should not have released it in its existing kind, as you ve explained.

    We want to apologise for the complication and temper produced by this scenario. We ve allow you down and we would certainly like to thank you for bringing this topic to us-- while it was truthful to the bone, it shows how passionate you are towards GOG.

    We value your responses as well as will certainly continue our initiatives to enhance our interaction with you.

    It may not be DRM given that you can play it offline but also for a store like GOG? It was plainly a poor concept to release it as it was.

    For GOG, this was really awkward. Hopefully their store QA team will be more careful in future to stop such problems ever before occurring. You do have to wonder though - how did this not turn up in conversations on releasing it? Possibly it did and also they assumed it would not matter? In any case, it s gone from GOG - in the meantime.

    Short article drawn from Linux information.

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