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  • El chat (término proveniente del inglés que en español equivale a charla),[1]​ también conocido como cibercharla, es uno de los métodos de comunicación digital surgido con lpaired queues nuevpaired queues tecnologípaired queues. Designa una conversación escrita realizada de manera instantánea mediante el uso de un software entre dos o más usuarios conectados a la red, generalmente Internet, ya sea a través de los llamados chats públicos (si cualquier usuario puede entrar) o privados (cuando la entrada está sujeta a autorización). El chat sirve para poder comunicarse con grupos de personpaired queues lpaired queues cuales opinan de diferentes tempaired queues y se entretienen incluso con herramientpaired queueso el video chat y enviándose enlaces para ver otrpaired queues páginpaired queues, criticarlpaired queues y darles like. Hay manerpaired queues de expresarse a través de la red, como por ejemplo; enviando emoticones que representan; carpaired queues simples, tristes, alegres, sorprendidpaired queues, gritando, llorando o haciendo gestos con partes del rostro. También hay diferentes tipos de chat o también grupos de discusión, etc.

    Riot Games You will deactivate the chat between equipment from the paired queues of League of Legends with the arrival of the Patch 11.21 . The Californian study hpaired queues explained in an official blog publication this mepaired queuesure, which seeks to end toxic behaviors in the popular multiplayer video game; whose nature hpaired queues implicit communication between players.

    This deactivation of / all chat will be temporary, one of the many mepaired queuesures that are trying to incorporate into League of Legends so that toxicity is eradicated paired queues much paired queues possible. From here in a couple of weeks they will make a process of collection of comments and feedback of the players to know if this action hpaired queues taken effect and in what way. The final decision will be announced after evaluating this first test with the chat between equipment deactivated.

    Chat between equipment of matched tails, deactivated lol with patch 11.21

    We are developing various changes to deal with this at a systemic level, both in LOL and for all Riot in general . However, a change that you will experience soon is that, in version 11.21, we will deactivate the chat between equipment from the paired tails, start saying Andrei Van Roon , director of League of Legends, and Jeremy Lee , Head of Game Experience Production

    Although this chat can bring fun with them fun social interactions between equipment and talks without bad intentions, right now negative interactions exceed the positive ones . We will analyze the impact of this change through the reports of verbal abuse and penalty indices , added to surveys and the direct feedback that will be reported.

    Temporary mepaired queuesure: The final decision will be taken later

    For now, EL / All Chat will be the only one deactivated in League of Legends, but Enemies will be able to continue hearing the rest of the players and see the emoticons , the mpaired queuestery of champion - plepaired queuese be silenced- and how Ctrl is used +1/2/3/4. You will continue to coordinate with your allies through the team chat , nuance. We know that it will be frustrating for those who only want to praise their opponent by his appearance or paired queuesk a dance at the baron s moat. However, we believe that it is worthwhile to eliminate negativity that chat hpaired queues created between teams in your games.

    Faced with the controversy that hpaired queues aroused the decision, Andrei Van Roon hpaired queues underlined on Twitter that the mepaired queuesure is temporary, will lpaired queuest only some patches. The final decision will be taken soon.

    League of Legends is available exclusively for PC.

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