Laser stays on at full power with GRBL1.1e/f

  • LX-Nano.328p.20150626.hex
    When this code is installed in the controller of my Elekslaser-A5 Pro 2500mw, the laser turns on and off correctly to do the engraving.

    When any of these programs is installed, the laser stays on at full power all the time. Is there a setting that needs to be corrected to enable control of the laser?

    This has been tested with 2 different controller cards. The laser power setting has no effect, even when set to minimum (1).

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    Our Board now is not supported Grbl 1.1 , we will upgrade it in the future , sry

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @ehekman44 What board do you have? It may need the jumper moving to support laser control on D11 (PWM support was added in Grbl 0.9).

  • That was it. Thank you.

    The board is an Eleks Maker with an Arduino Nano cpu board.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @ehekman44 It must be an L7 or older board as the latest Mana SE doesn't have a jumper, also none of them use real Arduino's, they are all Chinese clones. The latest doesn't even use an Atmel chipset and isn't as reliable.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    @Zax hhhhhh
    I met and talked with Arduino Founder - Banzi before, and also talk to Arduino Org Chine Zone Master - YuRong in the past.

    They allowed me to use this kind of arduino nano board for products :)

    and true , due to the AVR patent expired , every one can make their own ATMEGA328P Chip, i know one china factory which make a new 328P chip , the only different is the way of write EEPROM is different :)

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