PC in a Box!

  • So... having now got a working laser machine I soon realised that I would most likely be operating it in my shed rather than the living room due to the smoke! So I went to my local car boot this morning and picked up a second hand base unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse for the princely sum of £15.

    But this created another problem...I also do a lot of wood work and wood turning in there and the wood dust would not do the PC any favours so I decided to build a "Box PC" to try and mitigate the worst effects. So I spent a further £15 on some 1/2 inch plywood and some polycarbonate and voila... here it is...enjoy!! 0_1502640709431_P1110872.JPG ![alt text](0_1502640844483_P1110874.JPG image url) ![alt text](0_1502640878159_P1110879.JPG image url)

  • ![alt text](0_1502640986617_P1110872.JPG image url)

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    Great deal and very nice setup!

    Lasers and living rooms don't really mix for several reasons, the shed sounds like a better location.

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    thats thinking out of the box by putting your thoughts into a box!!

  • @nottingham82 lol.... I see what you did there!
    The next phase will be to make a carry box for the laser as the objective is for me to be able to take this out on the road with me and do custom name badges/tags/door signs etc or even personalise my woodturning.

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    a cheap tablet with a usb out might work great for that.

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