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  • Hello everyone, I introduce myself, I am an invalid who did special public works (river dredging and pile driving)
    For 30 years throughout France before having health problems.

    I am very new and I am interested in the machine CNC I just bought this one
    I have not received it yet

    My question we had to ask you 1000 times what simple software and in French if possible I have to use for this machine
    I read all the forums that I could see there are so many that I am completely lost
    I read somewhere with Inkscape software I can convert a drawing or other into GCODE
    But with what to drive the machine in French if possible the machine seems to work with GRBL
    I do not know where to go to find out (hopefully I asked my question good place)
    Please forgive me and that is not the case.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @fredyvernet You did not mention what you want to make with it.

    ArtCAM, is good, but the free version is very limited.

    I recommend as a cheap ($59) and easy to use alternative.

    I should also mention my own software, T2Laser ($39.95) which works for the CNC machine. It can be used for engraving and cutting but for complex jobs you have to use other software to generate the tool paths like above or your CAD program of choice.

  • @Zax Hello and thank you for answering me I just received the machine but already the engine does not work
    the engine does not turn at all even with a clamp, what I'm looking for and what I have not received is the usb driver of the card controller 3 axis v2.2 for my cnc sorry for the translation I am French from the South of France And as I speak no english I am with Google translation In any case thank you for your kindness If the softwares speaks French It would be for me only happiness

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @fredyvernet The USB driver you need is for a CH340 chipset, you can get it from the manufacturers website or if you install T2Laser it is included (click Help / Install CH340 Driver).


    You mention the motor does not work, have you connected directly to 12VDC to confirm? It may just be the firmware settings. The default firmware (Grbl 1.1e) in T2Laser will work for your machine and you can use the trial to test it if you like, it's free to try.

  • @Zax Yes the motor does not turn or very difficult I tried to turn it with a clamp It is sure that if I connect it nothing will turn and it will warm I think the bearing is stuck.
    I will order one on the site it will go faster, It's been two days since I reported the problem to BangGood they told me to be patient
    Thanks a thousand times for your help

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