Anyone have some simple GCode to test EleksDraw with?

  • So far the X/Y motors appear to be working correctly, but I cannot seem to get the servo to raise/lower the pen holder. I transmitted an 'A1' code, but this seems to make no difference.

    I can hear PWM noise, making me think that maybe it is still in laser mode.

    Does anyone have any simple GCode to draw a triangle/box/line with instructions to raise and lower the pen?

    Or at least tell me GCode for a raise/lower command?


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    @Steve-Hobley The M03 S35 is down, the M03 S0 or M05 is up.

    You can use the T2Laser trial to test your machine, just be sure to follow my setup instructions. Then it will run correctly.


  • Thanks, that did it - does this thing just take GCode over the serial port?
    I have Mach3 driving my laser and mill, maybe I can get it to work with this too.

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    That was one of the samples in T2Laser, I just clicked Help/Samples and generated the code. Simple.

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    @Steve-Hobley I actually went the opposite way, I have a parallel port driver on my CNC that originally used Mach3 but it wasn't stable so I used a $2 Nano and converted it and now use T2Laser to run it perfectly.

  • Thanks for the replies... if anyone is interested it seems that you send the GCODE text directly to the serial port. The machine responds with 'ok' as [6F 6B 0D 0A] after each line.

    Port settings are: 115,200 N-8-1

  • Quick update, after having the EleksCAM software crash on me a couple of times I went out to github and tried some of the GCode sender applications.

    I put together a solution file (C# for Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition) that lets you send GCode to the EleksDraw, along with basic Jog and Home controls.

    I work mainly in GCode, although there is some experimental SVG tracing functionality too.


    Now if I could just get GRBL 1.1 to work with the EleksDraw I could do real jogging, and not 'hopping' :)

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    @Steve-Hobley Very nice job!

    What is the problem with EleksDraw and Grbl 1.1e? You just need to compile with CoreXY enabled, which does require removing some other features because the Nano is extremely memory limited.

  • @Zax I guess the main problem is I don't really know what the weird little Arduino knock off board (that comes with the kit) really is. I could try programming it using the Arduino IDE, but I could also brick it.

    Right now I'm trying to push GRBL 1.1 it to an old Nano 328P I had lying around, but when I build with CoreXY it does not fit. If I compile without CoreXY it just fits.

    They recommend re-flashing with the OptiBoot loader to free up enough space, so I've been looking for something to reflash with.

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    @Steve-Hobley It's a Nano clone so the chips have been replaced with Chinese equivalents, but it works the same... except less reliably. Arduino IDE works to program them, just tell it you have a Nano.

    Yes, I use OptiBoot. You can load it with a Uno using the ICSP connector or with a programmer (they only cost a couple of bucks).

    It's been a while but even with OptiBoot I couldn't get CoreXY to fit with the homing and other stuff I usually use so you have to pair it down some. That's probably why Eleks stuck with 0.9i, but Grbl 1.1 has some nice features and faster / smoother motion which I prefer.

  • Thanks for the info - been looking for my ISPTiny programmer.. finally found it tonight.

    I used the Arduino IDE and set the Board to be an Uno and burned the bootloader into the Nano. Recompiled Grbl 1.1 and now I have it running on the Nano/Uno board.

    More detailed info on how to do this here : Search for "I've got a Duemilanove-compatible board and I can't seem to fit Grbl onto it! What do I do?"

    So my guess is this thing uses spindle speed PWM to drive the servo?
    My pen servo is all over the place with 1.1 - do you know which config options will get it working like 0.9 ?

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    @Steve-Hobley I think it uses the servo function, which is a PWM signal but not the same as the laser.

  • @Steve-Hobley Do you have a compiled/executable version of your GRBL_UI software avalable? . . . I don’t have access to Visual Studio to create it from your GitHub.


  • @Zax For the EleksDraw, you have to add an A1 at the top of the code snippet to put the machine in 'servo mode' (see here), otherwise the servo gets jammed.

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    @DWiskow You compile and upload using the Arduino IDE (open source), no other software is needed.

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    @EVAHNN-W No, you select it from the menu and it is updated on the firmware. There is no need to include it in the G-code, and it isn't G-code so that is NOT where it should go.

  • @Steve-Hobley go here and download It has a pen up/down commands built in and x-y moves. It is written for eleksdraw.

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