Question from Newbie regarding DXF's and multiple path issues.

  • Hi all,

    I have been waiting in the wings watching all the great advice on here that has steered me in the right direction since i bought my first little laser in May. One week with benbox, i immediately purchased T2. What a piece of software. What i couldnt achieve in benbox i at least stood a chance with using this!

    Im very new to this world, and until now been getting on ok with raster graphics and using autotrace. Now i have however decided to try and branch into vectors/DXF's and im struggling a little here.

    . First i have tried using Illustrator to process a little vector i purchased. I tweaked the vector to my liking and exported as a .DXF. Would not open in T2. I know its my settings as opposed to T2, but i hit a wall.

    . I downloaded Inkscape and my life became immediately easier. It opened up my work from Illustrator fine, and it also let me export a .DXF of my vector to open in T2! great!

    However....what i am seeing on my vector is lots and lots of lines in a diagonal direction, looking almost like drawn paths. I wondered if you could just advise me what i am doing wrong in Illustrator/Inkscape to produce this issue? and how i possibly rectify it?

    I have 2 screenshots of my issue below. Any help will be hugely appreciated because aside from this line issue, everything else looks to be transferring brilliantly!

    Thank you so much in advance, any advice would be fantastic.

    Neal. (the newbie)

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    2 things. First check out my inkscape tutorial on making vectors for t2

    Youtube Video

    second if you want I can take a look at your file and see whats up with it. Just post it here or somewhere with a link and I'll see what is up.

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    @nealtdavies Uncheck the LW Polyline option on export, there's a bug in the Inkscape DXF when using that mode.

  • @nottingham82 Thank you for the response, i will take a look at your tutorial to get to grips with it more!

    Thanks again,


  • @Zax Deselecting that did the trick immediately! Thank you so much!!

    I was starting to think the idea was doomed!

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