Servo go nuts in the middle of a print

  • I was printing a file and about 15 min into the print the servo starting buzzing... Pulling the USB out was the only way of stopping the buzzing other than cutting power off on the board. The servo doesn't move just buzzes. I am assuming that the servo gave up the ghost. I did go to the Banggood site and they are out of that model of servo. I have a friend that runs RC cars and have him check the servo if he can. I had just received and built the EleksDraw last Saturday (Aug 26). Any other things I need to check?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @w4wlc They are low quality servos but I suspect something was wrong with the setup causing it to fail prematurely, if you didn't set the max travel by the software value it would keep hitting the frame and strip the plastic gears. Replace it with a metal gear higher torque servo but remember to set the max value so you don't damage it.

  • @Zax Thanks, that is probably what I did. I didn't realize that laser power setting affected the servo.
    Your T2Laser software is wonderful and well worth the money.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @w4wlc T2Laser automatically sets laser max to 35 when you click the EleksDraw option.

  • @Zax I didn't know that. I used the EleksCam software off and on so the servo was probably hammer...

    Thanks Zax

  • I ordered a pack of 4 servos from Amazon and I am up and running. Thanks to Zax for all the info.

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