Settings to cut 3mm felt

  • Hello all,

    I am a fresh owner of a EleksLaser-A3 Pro 2500mW , searching for the best software to use for the laser I end up on the T2laser.

    Please help me regarding following questions:

    • is there a set of initial settings to be done ?
    • can I find somewhere a manual for software ?
    • my goal is to use the laser to cut 3mm felt , if anyone is doing this maybe can share the best settings.

    Many thanks.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @kempo Most colors of felt will cut OK, you should use laser max 255 and feed rate of 80 and do 2 or 3 passes to ensure all fibers are cut. There may be a few still not cut, if so you could go down to 60 for feed rate.

    The manual is in the Help menu, or press Shift-F1.

    You can save the settings as a Profile so in future it is simple to load them.

  • Hi Zax ,

    Removed the dust from laser and start doing trials ( winter time) , I have the right parameters for cutting but unfortunately seems that 0 ( zero) is not quite right , any idea why ? Hardware issue ? Also the laser is cutting in "mirror" , I have tried to reverse X , Y axis from software but it is not taken into consideration...

    Thank you.!

  • better example : 0 ( zero) is not "closed" compared with a circle that is "closed"



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    Try a different font. Some fonts have closure issues. Since everything else looks good I would guess font issue.

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    It looks like a mechanical issue, if the font looks correct on screen it will work OK as well.

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