Double lines being burned

  • Hi there,

    I'm getting an issue where a couple of my diagonal lines are being doubled when I print with the T2laser software. Here's an image of what's happening:


    Does anyone know if there is a setting I can use that will eliminate this doubling effect?

    Thanks for your help!


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    what was this supposed to look like? Try the sample circle in the help tab on t2 laser. My guess is you have some mechanical problems. Either your belts are tensioned incorrectly or your wheels are too tight. Move your x axis and y axis by hand with the machine off. See if you feel any "bumps" That will indicate your wheels are too tight. You'll have to drill them out or modify them. I have a 3d print that fixes that. If your belts are too loose or too tight, adjust them.

  • 0_1505344572656_SWD_logo_thicker.jpg

    Here's a version of what the logo was supposed to look like.

    I'll take a peek at the belt tension, etc. but I haven't been running into problems like this on the Elekscam software so I kind of doubt it's a hardware issue.

    Thanks for your response.


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    did you bring it in as a dxf or use the trace command or did this print in the usual back and forth fashion? This looks like a mechanical issue. Ive never seen software do that unless you are doing some weird tracing commands.

    Did you update your firmware to 1.1e when you switched to t2?

  • No I didn't update firmware... maybe that's the issue... I just basically imported it as a JPG and printed from that. I'll try the firmware upgrade - didn't realize that might be a requirement...

    Thanks again,


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    This post is deleted!

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    It is very unlikely to be software or firmware, but T2Laser uses more aggressive defaults (acceleration and speeds).

    If you enable reduced acceleration and use similar speeds it would likely be improved.

    The problem is hardware, belts most likely.

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