What types of cutting bits and how do they mount?

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    I am planning to order this mill but cannot find info on what type of bits I can use with it and how they are mounted. 90% of my usage will be for making PCBs if that helps. I want to make sure I order a number of extra bits so I don't have to wait if I break one right in the beginning. Its also unclear if the mill kit comes with any bits suitable for PCB milling.

    Its difficult to tell how the bits are mounted. Is it just a metal collar with recessed screws to tighten onto the motor spindle?


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  • @gNerd

    contact customer service at eleksmaker store

  • cool. I guess I thought that was one of the reasons for this forum.

    thanks :)

  • Sorry, I was on vacation in L.A. so I didn't reply to this.

    The mill comes with a 1/8" to 1/8" spindle-bit coupling (http://store.eleksmaker.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=102&product_id=120). As you pointed out, these are just metal collars with recessed screws.

    The kit comes with two engraving bits (http://store.eleksmaker.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=105&product_id=129) that I have used to test on a PCB. They work fine but I will be ordering some 30 degree engraving bits elsewhere sometime soon.

    As for cutting the PCB out and drilling through holes, it does not come with an end mill for this purpose, though locating one with a 1/8" shaft shouldn't be hard.

    I am using my machine for the same purpose as yours, I just disassembled mine last night as some of the hardware that came with it didn't give tight fitting. So I will be ordering some upgraded hardware before reassembling. I have had it for 2 months, and other than some of the hardware being a little loose, it has been a fun machine to use.

  • @nickolas :

    That was quite helpful. Thanks!

    Now that Ive received my kit, I'm pretty sure Ill be able to use the dremel bits I purchased for the through holes... if not Ill stick with the drill press method Ive been using for etched boards.

  • You can get endmills so it is all done by the machine. One thing I am looking into is moving toward a collet system for mounting to the spindle. There are a few available on the market. Also, the cheap Chinese bearings has finally released some of the balls, so I am looking to order an upgrade from Misumi here soon.

  • Used hardware I ordered from McMaster Carr and Misumi linear bearings to rebuild my machine (also ordered some stainless steel rods from Misumi that havent arrived yet). In the past, I have done test cuts where I drive the engraving bit too far into the copper just to see it mill the right directions (seen as the large copper cuts in the photo). Today, I z-probed one position and then milled the copper to a little bit larger than the copper thickness, here are the results. As you can see, I need to use the height map so that all areas are cut, but the results are very promising.

    1_1506820494799_PCB2.jpg 0_1506820494798_PCB1.jpg

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