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  • Built my EleksDraw kit - it's nice hardware and I had fun putting it together. However, there are no instructions for the wiring or software. I installed the "EleksMaker Evolution Desktop CAM" application (linked from the BangGood page), and the driver for the CH340 USB chip, and I can connect to the machine.

    HOWEVER - sending Y+, Y- signals moves the arm on the diagonal, and X+, X- just produces a horrible rattling. From the design of the machine it's clear the controller needs to move the motors in a different way to the sort of machine with 2 separate axis belts. How do I configure EleksMaker CAM to send the correct control signals for EleksDraw?


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    You don't have the correct firmware loaded, the EleksDraw uses CoreXY.

  • Thank you. It makes perfect sense that this is the firmware's responsibility - I had hoped the firmware on the board in the box would be the right one, but apparently not.

    Maybe I'm searching on the wrong terms, but I can't find what firmware I should be using. Is this GRBL? Should I be compiling GRBL with a corexy option?

    Thanks, apologies for ignorance, but I really cannot find much guidance.

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    I thought the correct firmware was provided with their EleksROM package, but I don't see a CoreXY version so perhaps I'm wrong. I figured it was based on you saying it's moving diagonal, now I'm not so sure.

  • Thanks again. I'm pretty sure this is a wrong firmware issue. The controller tries to move one motor at a time. It's obvious from the design of the machine that it needs to move both motors together, either the same way (for one axis) or opposite (for the other). Reading up on CoreXY, this sounds like what a CoreXY firmware does.

    The EleksMaker Evolution Desktop CAM software has a Settings->RST Rom button that reflashes the controller, but it doesn't provide a choice of firmware, it just loads Mana.hex into the controller. Behaviour is the same after this re-flash.

    Thanks for mentioning EleksROM. I downloaded that (from here:丨-full-automactic-upgrade-and-set-param-software-download-instruction ) and it does offer EleksDraw as one of the options (seems to be pro.hex) . I actually couldn't make EleksROM work - it says avrdude can't start because libusb0.dll is missing - but I copied the pro.hex firmware over the Mana.hex firmware file in the EleksCAM folder, and EleksCAM was able to load it. Now it does attempt to move both motors. So thank you! It looks like I did have the wrong firmware and now have the right one.

    I still have a problem, because it looks like one of the motors also isn't working, but at least now I can troubleshoot that on its own.

  • Turned out one of the connector wires (from board to motor) was wired wrongly. Now I've re-wired it, with the new firmware, the machine seems to work correctly. Thanks for all your help Zax!

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    Good news, I've heard of that problem before but it isn't common. I'm looking forward to getting one of these and supporting it with T2Laser.

  • @lesterh Hello, i am having problems even going to the page you stated. It says access denied, please help. Thanks -Ethan

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