Check your connector cables

  • The ones that join the Eleksdraw Mana control board to the stepper motors. One of mine was fine, the other had wrong connections and could not drive the motor. Just nasty noise from that motor. By swapping connections I was able to narrow it down to the cables.

    They have four wires - red, yellow, black, white. RED and YELLOW are a pair and BLACK and WHITE are a pair. So on each end, red and yellow should be on one side (with a gap between them at the motor end) and black and white on the other. On one of my cables, yellow and black were crossed over at the motor plug end.

    Fortunately this is easily remedied. On the motor plug you can lift little plastic tabs with tweezers and gently ease the pins out of the back of the connector, then pop them back in in the proper order.

    This may have been a one-off mistake that never affects anybody else, but I thought I'd post here as something to check for.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    our boards cables is design for our new EleksMaker Desktop series , so the wire is matching our new machine , but if you buy our board to control other motor may be have the wrong wire series.

    Thx for the instruction to fix this problem.

    Best Regards,

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