I can't see the operating manual page ...

  • I can't see the operating manual page ...
    This is my pc problem ?

    http://forum.eleksmaker.com/topic/119/eleksmill operating-instructions


  • Same for me , assembled the mechanics (while M5x12 screws are too short, only possible without shims and self-bought M5x16 as stated in the assembly instructions are too long !) , but no instructiions for the electrical connections, software setup etc., Links broken !

  • The forum now has a wiki page that you can see at the top of the Eleksmill forum. The link to the forum is below, which should include assembly instructions, electrical connections, and some software setup stuff. As for operating the machine, you learn as you go based on the software you choose to control it. If you posted more specifically the OS you use and what GUI you use to control the board, it would make it easier to help. For example, I use Linux and Candle control software (I am in the process of upgrading the nano clone to Grbl 1.1e/f from Grbl 0.9j).


    I would never believe the sizes listed in the assembly guide. I measured the screws myself and got the next shortest size if they were too large (upgraded all the hardware except the m3x40mm screws).

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