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  • I received a new EleksEgg kit today. Four M3 nuts are missing. They are missing from parts list, too.
    Assembly instructions were missing as well. I had to come online and find pictures. No electrical connection instructions could be found. Does the software work with Windows 10?

  • Same here. M3 nuts missing. Also, the front M3 bolts for the front plate are too long. The M5 bolts are too short and won't reach the aluminum plate. I had to buy M5x16 and those worked.
    No instructions at all.... I guess it makes for a challenge.

    Please add connection instructions! the connector for the servo can be plugged in in two different ways, and there's 3 connectors for the motors, which ones are to be connected?

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    We checked the Warehouse..And found we missing the 4 M3 Lock nuts...I am Sorry For that , and hope i could offer my sincerest regrets..

    In the furture , we will immediately fix that and give yours the newest software/firmware/discount , thanks for support.

    1.EleksCAM and Inkspace can work with Windows10

    2.we tested that M5 can reached the 2080 aluminum..~ but indeed a little short , we will change that , thanks a lot.

    Best Regards,

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    Don't forgot to add me in your list, as I mentioned first about missing M3 nuts in here: http://forum.eleksmaker.com/topic/67/problem-with-servo. ;)

    As @alpard78 mentioned some problems that all are true, I can add some more:

    1. The included short spring is useless. At least I cant find purpose for that.
    2. Included pen can't be used without removing glued wrapper and even then using of bolder end is almost impossible.
    3. Short thumb screw for fixing pen is pointless as it is too short for fasten finer pens.

    That's all for now. :)

  • Same here. Missing 4 x M3 screws. Secondly, rubber rings are supposed to fix into both ends of the egg metal round blocks, not being stated in online manual. Software libusb0.dll has to include from elekscam x86 firmware directory into both system32 and syswow64.

    Software Elekscam cannot rotate wordings 90deg, resulting word print cannot go round circumference of egg. There is no pattern line template available as in the video except included few pictures which takes exceedingly long time to draw. I reckon I might be too late for Easter on this small problematic machine.

    The analog (not digital) servo pen lifter "servo horn is not the same as seen in video or in pics". I had to align 90deg angle with slight gap on the surface on lifted point so that it won't make redundant marks on the print. Screw holding servo horn is fragile, do use short version.

    Inkspace only produces art designs and export to .PNG graphic extension. Both Elekscam and Inkspace can crash on certain clicks for windows 7 and 10 64bits. What we want is line art "pattern" template as in video, not pictures that took a decade to print on an egg. We want visible movements to affirm the success of the product.

    Pingpong Balls has been tested on the draw although the "programs have a lot of flaws".

    Diagram for assembly is vague and incorrect at certain pages. Please do not rush product without proper documentation even at kickstarter. Do supply sufficient and correct parts for all future clients to support you.

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