Which software to use

  • Which software should I use to get started with the Eleksegg?
    I know that I need to update the firmware first via EleksROM.

    After that, what follows? to create the G-code through InkScape?
    And then? Use EleksCAM to start drawing on eggs?

    I'll start tinkering with the software and hardware soon but some direction would be nice.

  • Perdona pero no se hablar ingles.
    Yo tengo el mismo problema, pienso que el software EleksCAM (se puede descargar en banggood, por ejemplo) no es el apropiado para esta máquina.
    No he encontrado el software correcto para la "EleksEgg".

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    @alpard78 For me EleksCAM works with EleksEGG. Yes - it is very simple to use, but it is with narrow means. There is not even possibility to rotate picture, so you must think about it before you import it to EleksCAM PicCarve.

    Makers - please add to EleksCAM possibility to rotate imported pictures at least by 90 degrees. Thanks.

  • Thanks!
    I'll give it a try.

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