Homing switches with mana controller?

  • Hello all,
    Just moving my first steps with my Eleksmill.
    I am wondering if there is a way to manage three homing switches with the mana controller...
    I see there is no dedicated port, but maybe a turnaround connecting directly to nano board?

    Thank you!

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    @walter76 yes homing switches are entirely possible. There are numerous write ups on how to do it. They need to a certain pin I don't remember off hand. Don't look in eleksmill forums. There isn't enough users to have good write ups. Follow the laser forums and you'll get the info.

  • @walter76

    Depend on grbl version you use

    grbl 1.1* use nano pin D9 for X axis and D10 for Y axis

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  • Thank you guys!

    If I correctly understood, I just have to

    1. connect all the 3 Normally-Open switches in parallel to D9 and GND

    2. Set $22=1 to enable homing and eventually $23 to invert the direction.

    I will try soon.
    At the moment I am fighting with error #11 from my G-code...

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    @walter76 No, it isn't as simple as that. You would need firmware with home switches enabled for X, Y and Z axis.

    You can determine which pins to use for the switches D9, 10, 12 are typical options and the sequence to home. On a CNC you would usually do the Z-axis first and then X/Y simultaneously or sequentially.

  • Ah!
    I updated to GBRL 1.1f by using T2laser... I was assuming this FW is already supporting this option...
    Is there a already-enabled version around?

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    @walter76 Yes, but it's not public yet. I will publish it this week, maybe later today if I have time. It uses D9=X, 10=Y and 12=Z and does the Z axis homing and then XY together as this is normal for CNC. It also has the EleksCNC defaults of 400 steps/mm and lower speed/acceleration.

    Is this what you want or you prefer all on D9, I think that should be possible but would require separate homing, Z then X then Y?

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