Umm Banggood . . . good products, but had to try

  • Write-up on 2300mw laser says won't do glass, acrylic, metal . . . my favorite saying; "challenge accepted",
    3 light layers of Rustoleum "Peel Coat" graphite paint, then 1 thick coat; dried for 24 hours, then lasered at full power with feed et at 800, horizontal scan, resolution at 0.15. After lasering, cleaned out star with window cleaner and toothbrush, then put thin coat of gold paint over star. When that was dry, I peeled the graphite paint off and gave it 5 light coats of mirror finish silver, the kind I use says to put on backside; front gives usual dull looking finish, underside is mirror finish. When the silver has had at least 24 hours to dry, I'll put a coat of matt black on it to protect it from scratches, then a layer of felt.
    0_1507442822271_star.jpg .
    Sorry, Banggood; I couldn't resist.

  • @clbiggs99

    Laser machine work good for people who put lot of time in making the machine work good.

    You should try just one layer of black paint, let dry until it not stick to finger, then etch and clean, lower work time by many hours.

  • @Anatoly I've used matte black, but the graphite gives tiny local hot spots that make the glass sparkle; I like the effect of the graphite. I agree, this does take some time, but for some projects, the time is well spent to get the results.

  • @clbiggs99 Another one, done with matte black paint:
    Thanks for commenting, @Anatoly

  • What did you put the star on?

    I have done glass, but metal still give me trouble

  • @ThothLoki It's on a v3/4" thick by 3 1/2" piece of glass made as a paperweight; one side is thicker than the other, so it slopes.

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