Discrepancy between burn time and elapsed time

  • [link text](link url)I noticed earlier today that the burn time for an image I was doing showed taking 44 minutes to complete; when the burn finished, it said some number of lines sent in 17 minutes; the elapsed time was nowhere near 44 minutes; the seconds on the completion bar was going faster than the seconds on my watch. I try to watch the times because of the rather stern warnings on the laser sales write-up concerning honoring the warranty if it is used more than 30 minutes without a cool-down period. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this? It makes me even more curious as to the 30 minute limit; is that laser on time, or total usage time? I've already had 1 laser module quit after about 3 hours of use; Banggood had Eleksmark send a replacement; I don't want to damage it from misunderstanding the time limits.

  • I have run multi-hour jobs on my laser with no problems. Just make sure the fan on your module is working.

    I have noticed the same thing in regards to the ETA on T2. I personally go by the estimated burn time after the gcode is generated. That seems more accurate to me. The ETA is an algorithm that reads the gcode and make a determination, thus can not be fully accurate. Nothing with gcode can be, from what I have seen. I use octopi for my 3D printer and it tells me I have 4 hours to go on a 20 minute print.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    The estimation in T2Laser is pretty close with my firmware and defaults, but if you change Grbl parameters there will be some error.

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