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  • Hi all

    I'm new to lasers so excuse me for any silly questions:)
    I have ordered an Eleksmaker A3 5.5W.
    Are there any detailed instructions on how to connect T2laser with Eleksmaker ?
    Do I have to install any firmware and how ?


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @dbotsios T2Laser has everything you need built in, the correct CH340 driver and my firmware. The steps are really simple after installing T2Laser.

    1. Load the driver (Help / Install CH340 Driver)
    2. Load the firmware (Laser Control screen, Set COM port and click Machine / Upload Firmware 1.1e)
    3. Connect using the lightning bolt icon

    There's a PDF in the download .zip that has the steps, or here's the file:

    (this is for converting from Eleks or Benbox so assumes the driver was already installed, but if you follow my 3 steps above you'll see it's really simple).

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