Machine don't move!

  • Hi everyone!
    I had same troubles of others (broken links, uncomplete instruction ... especially electrically, etc.) But finally i built up the engraver. After installing driver and software in the PC (win7) the arduino nano board respond, but the machine doesn't move. Both with candle and EleksCAM the only working part is the spindle motor. Even if EleksCAM try to engrave gallery images, only spindle motor works.
    I tried than some electrical measures, and i found out that 5V on-board supply isn't there (arduino one obviously is there, cause it's from USB). Reason why is that the on-board step-down DC-DC converter (TPS54331) has it's "enable pin" high (supplying is disable), so i'm pretty sure the problem is software. What can you suggest?

  • @Vitto Hi Vitto, have you been able to solve this ?? I have exactly the same problem

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    did you change your windows regional settings to united states?

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