Help with new A3 setup and T2 questions

  • I put my new A3 together yesterday. I installed the trial version of T2laser with no problem. It connects and lets me move the laser head and turn the laser off and on and send pulses. What it won't do is actually send gcode to the A3. Ihave tried a half a dozen test files from various places and made a simple circle in Inkscape and converted it to gcode with the J Tech Photonics plug-in . They all stop after a second with an Alarm error. Is this a limitation of the Trial Version ? If not is there a simple test file that you know will work in my setup ? I can load the .9 firmware and load Elekscam and and it burns fine, reload the 1.1e and T2 errors.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    That is not a limitation of the trial. Do you get the message "grbl 1.1e ready" when you connect to the laser in t2?

  • Yes. I get :Connected 115200
    Grbl 1.1e Ready

    If I load any gcode I have , I get the same response:

    Error Detected!
    Sending Aborted
    and there is an unlocked lock graphic in the center of the directional controls.

    here is a short file I tried

    M107 S0

    G0 F3000
    G0 X13.6542 Y7.4671
    G4 P0
    M106 S254
    G4 P100
    G0 F100.000000
    G2 X11.999 Y3.5753 I-5.4029 J0.
    G2 X7.8938 Y1.9201 I-4.1051 J4.263
    G2 X3.7887 Y3.5753 I-0. J5.9182
    G2 X2.1335 Y7.4671 I3.7477 J3.8918
    G2 X2.5686 Y9.5797 I5.3465 J0.
    G2 X3.8206 Y11.3895 I5.1124 J-2.1991
    G2 X5.6793 Y12.5888 I3.9896 J-4.143
    G2 X7.8938 Y13.0141 I2.2145 J-5.5519
    G2 X10.1083 Y12.5888 I0. J-5.9773
    G2 X11.967 Y11.3895 I-2.1309 J-5.3424
    G2 X13.2191 Y9.5797 I-3.8603 J-4.0088
    G2 X13.6542 Y7.4671 I-4.9114 J-2.1126
    G0 X13.6542 Y7.4671
    G4 P0
    M107 S0
    G0 F3000
    G0 X0 Y0

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    you can make it ignore errors but you shouldnt need to. I dont remember what the alarms are for. It is supposed to be a safety feature I think. @Zax will chime in and tell you what they are for i'm sure.

  • Try having T2 generate the gcode for you. Go into the sketch area and make a circle and generate the gcode. See if that works or throws and error. That should rule out some of the hardware/software and confirm whether it is the gcode being generated by the other software.

  • Ok! that worked. I didn't know I could do that. Thank you.
    I guess I was just coming up with gcode for other lasers.
    Happens all the time to beginners in 3d printer groups.
    I guess I have the wrong laser on off codes set in Inkscape.
    Now that I know it works I will have to pick a computer to use and get it registered.

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    oh I totally missed you were using the inkscape plug in. I use inkscape but not the plug in. Best bet is to export images as a png with 254 dpi for use in t2 laser or export line art as dxf for import into t2laser. You are better off having t2 generate your gcode.

  • I have a much simpler Inkscape plugin designed purely for these engravers:

    Blog entry:

    I'd love it if you could give it a try, and let me know how it goes.

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    The reason for the errors (which are coming from Grbl not T2Laser) is that G-code isn't compatible. M107 and M106 are for a 3D printer, T2Laser will fix these if you select the right post processor, but it's better to let T2Laser generate the G-code as it's much better optimized.

  • @foxylad I am going to give your extension a try this week. I looks simple enough. I just made a "TEST" image in inkscape and saved it as gcode using your extension. I will throw it into T2 tonight or tomorrow and see what happens.

    I would normally always prefer T2 to generate my gcode, but this might be good for times I am away from that computer and want to get things set up, or even making multiple gcode files that are very similar to each other

  • @foxylad said in Help with new A3 setup and T2 questions:

    I have a much simpler Inkscape plugin designed purely for these engravers:

    Blog entry:

    I'd love it if you could give it a try, and let me know how it goes.

    Here my suggestions:

    Someone who know python and have laser would be using J Tech Photonics laser plugin - a professional company dedicated to lasers. So you not really attract that group.
    You need explanation why your plugin should be used instead of jtech plugin.

    You attract the John Snow of laser community - they know nothing. You blog not show how to install, you not link or create videos to show what type of files not work, you should link to 'how to videos' for issues you know will be encounter - object to path type video, what is Alpha channel and how do I sets different values? All these things lacking, amateur user get frustrated and not like plugin because there known issues but no direction on how to resolve.

    1. You should make hyperlink to install instruction.
    2. Make video of install
    3. Be specific that only work or work best with svg file - link to simple videos of how to make svg or create paths.
    4. Make video tutorial of how to use the plugin - what is Alpha and how to set value.

  • @Anatoly Thanks for the suggestions. I prefer written instructions because it's easier to translate if your first language isn't English, but you obviously prefer videos.

    There are install instructions on the code website which is linked to from the blog. It's probably too simple to need a video - just copy two files into the Inkscape extensions directory.

    I haven't seen the JTech extension, but I will have a look when I get some time.

  • @ThothLoki If you've got T2, you probably don't need my extension - I only wrote it because I run Linux, and T2 doesn't work on that. I use Universal Gcode Sender to send the gcode file to the engraver.

    Having said that, I'd love any feedback if you do decide to give it a whirl. Thanks!

  • @foxylad I am always willing to try something new. I have T2 running on my laptop out in the garage but do my designing/editing on another computer. Sometimes I make many things that vary just a little bit. This could come in handy for stuf like that.

    I probably will not do any grayscale or pictures with it being that I have T2 and it is dead simple to generate the gcode through it, but for some basic black and white this could be useful

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