Want to build a settings table for the elekslaser 5500 A3 pro

  • I am relatively new to the laser burning world and just getting to know the ins and outs of my machine. Everything I have done so forth is working out well but all I've done is etch a few different wood types.
    What I want to do is make a table with speed / power settings for different wood types, cutting ply, foam, balsa etc. You get my drift :)
    Of course I can start experimenting and make one from scratch but I thought I would come on here and see if anyone allready has some settings I can start of with.

  • Best bet is to build it yourself.
    Others will give you what worked for them, but every laser module is different.

    Example: I had a 2w laser that could not cut even half way through 3mm plywood in 10 passes at 100 speed. Another person had a 2w and was cutting through 3mm plywood in have the amount of passes.whas it the wood? Was it my laser?

    Every wood and laser is different so starting one for yourself would be best

  • As well as the laser and the material, focussing can make a big difference.

    I have a small gcode file that I use on new material to determine the right power level. intensity chart engraving

    You can download this from https://bitbucket.org/vig/lasergcode/src.

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    @foxylad nice. I am sooo gonna use that. I have one for speeds... It is actually two files but its just because I didnt want to use up a ton of space.

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    I'm going to "borrow" both ideas and include them in my samples ;)

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    @Zax Done!


    A benefit of doing it this way is you can set the feed rate and use the power test or set power and use the feed rate tests.

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    well that was fast!

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