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  • I can not seem to get centerline trace to work. I have read that you need to be running in 64 bit. Is this just the system or is there a 64 bit version of T2Laser ?
    I am running on a 64 bit processor and Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. I have T2Laser v 1.5b on my desktop and 1.5c on my laptop and can't get it to work on either.
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    It looks like you are using autotrace because it is tracing the inside and outside. When I click centerline trace with noise reduction and smooth turned on and on a 64bit windows system this is what I get. There isnt a 64 bit version of t2 Laser. There is just the one version.


  • OK I have it now. It was a Duh moment on my part. I never actually clicked on the "Edit>Centerline" . I was assuming it was only a menu leading to the settings.

  • Is there a limit on line count or something . I have no trouble on simple tests but get this error on large complicated files .

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    Yes. Centerline trace uses a lot of memory, which is why it only works on 64-bit systems. If the file is too large (pixels) it won't work.

    I added it for simple line art drawings, which work pretty well but it certainly doesn't work in all cases.

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