Setting machine parameters

  • Hi Guys.
    I assemblied the machine EleksMill. For normal operation I must set the GRBL number of steps per mm of movement for each axis.
    By default, GRBL for all axes are set to 250. It is right for this machine?
    Maybe someone knows the correct values? Or items parameters: the number of steps of the motors, and the step size of the screw?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    What firmware are you using?

    If it's the mana.hex you can setup everything with a single command: E4

    Otherwise with Grbl 1.1 you should set XYZ to 400 steps per mm. Acceleration should also be adjusted, I recommend 200 to start with but you may be able to increase without losing steps. These are the settings I use in T2Laser when you enable the EleksCNC option.

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