T2Laser Engrave Frame ?

  • Hello! Im currently using the T2 Laser software and everything is working fine except the Engrave Frame w/ Laser on function. I click it and the laser goes to the bottom left corner each time. Is there a setting that I need to adjust?

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    @AkaiKing What type of job are you doing? Is it an image or something else?

    The frame is the outer rectangle that encloses the job.

  • Im just testing out Text at the moment. So to see a preview of where the engraving will start what should I do instead of Engrave frame?

  • @AkaiKing Before you generate the code, you can set the origin to wherever you want. It is default lower left, but you can set it to any corner or to the center of the engraving area.

    Text can be difficult at times. One way to do it is to set the power to a "Low power" mode and run the job. I have a 3 wire 2.5w laser and setting the power to 5 will give me a low power beam. I use that all the time to make sure my piece is lined up with what I am engraving.

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    If you are using Sketch (which I think you are) then the frame will be the entire drawing "page".

    You can either use auto-crop or just create the Sketch size the you need instead of using the machine dimensions.


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    for ease of use, I usually use a sketch size that is the size of my work piece. That way I can visualize it on the page. If its a round shape I just autocrop and use a center start

  • Thank you! Ive figured out how to control it better.

    Also is there a way to engrave something 3 times in a row without pressing the send button each time?

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    depends... is it just an engraving or is it a tracing? a tracing or dxf file you can do a mulipass vector. its an option above where you set the origin. if its just an engraving, I dont think so.

  • Sorry I never replied. It is an engraving. Im using the trial version right now and for some reason the coordinates aren't showing on the software as I move the machine. It just stays at X: 0.00 and Y: 0.00

    Is there a fix for that? I tried restarting the software multiple times. Maybe I clicked a setting by accident?

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    What firmware are you using?

    The positions update based on feedback from Grbl but it is possible to disable it in firmware.

  • @AkaiKing I don't know if you figured it out or not, but this is how I fixed it. This code G91G00X46|G92X0Y0 works perfectly in the custom button. I just change the x distance (in this case 46) to be 1 mm wider than the object I'm burning. Burn one, press the button, burn another. Fast and simple. Just program one of your custom buttons with this code. Worked great for me.

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