searching the original picture

  • Hello,
    I'm searching for the original file of the following picture. I found this piece on the
    BangGood page for the EleksDraw
    As it has the EleksMaker logo in the lower right corner it could be
    an old promotion picture from EleksMaker.
    I'm working at a EMS manufacturer and the girls on the picture are
    totally like the stuff at our SMT- lines (especially the one looking bored and leaning
    on the cart). I want to draw this picture during a weekend or night shift on their whiteboard (using my A3).
    Of course I don't intend to engrave it.
    I made a holder so I can use the Eleksdraw penholder on my A3.
    I only have to lay the whiteboard down on the floor.
    1_1509903752381_20171105_183455.jpg 0_1509903752381_20171105_183106.jpg
    I can leave this holder attached when I switch back to my EleksDraw. In this case I use the two small holes to
    screw it to the white frontplate. The laser holder on the EleksDraw is to low to use it for this adapter.

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