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  • Re: T2Laser pause From an older question, you can pause the program but the laser stays on. Here you can pause and shut off the laser. In the controller screen click on Advanced and pick Display custom buttons. Right click a button and rename it Pause, click ok. Type in the code G4 P1 S0. This will put the machine in dwell mode and shuts the laser off. The P is for time but 1.1e does not understand it but it must be in there. When running the program and you have to leave the machine, just click the Pause. When you want to resume, click the run icon 2 times and a popup will ask if you want to resume. Pick yes and it will run from where it left off. (No will restart it from the beginning)

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Alan-Legary The pause should shut off the laser, in fact I send 2 separate commands S0 and M5 to ensure it's off and disabled so your results are unexpected but your suggestion is a good one. The custom command buttons are great for many things.

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