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    Hi, I'm using Inkscape to create my g-codes. I have a 2500mW laser. I use to laser power S1000. Can I use more power? maybe s1500. Otherwise, what is the max power or max value of S?. I want cut wood 3mm. Thanks.

  • @orellandres Most software (like elekscam) use 0-1000 for the min/max powers. going above this will not do anything. Software like T2Laser used 0-255 which seems more straightforward to me as that is what grbl used.

    To cut wood, you should be fine with your settings. Just make sure the material you are cutting is elevated so there is some space underneath it. This allows the gas that is created to escape

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    More numbers don't mean more power. You are using an 8 bit processor so there are 255 steps from 0-100%. If you set your max at 255 then 1 change equals 1 step. If you use 1000 as your max then you have to change your power by 4 to see a change in laser power. So basically power 100, 101,102,103 are all the same power level and are 10% power. 104 would be 11% power. So using anything more than 255 steps is deceiving yourself into believing there is more adjustment than there really is. No matter what you use as a max power number 100% is 100%. If you set your firmware to 255 max and enter a power of 1000 you only get 100% power not 300+ percent.

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