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  • I wasn't able to find this topic with a search, please forgive me if I have over looked.
    I am getting an "Out of memory" Error message doing a test engrave/cut of an image at 914 mm. Is there a setting I need to change to correct this? 0_1511753336394_t2laser-outofmemory.png

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    1 of two reasons... 1 your computer is hating you and needs a restart. This can happen from time to time. Its a windows thing not necessarily a t2 thing.

    2 you used a really small resolution. Anything lower than .1 is unnecessary. since the laser is .1 mm wide, you would just be going over the same area over and over again. This will make your gcode huge and give a memory error.

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    @MrLRichards There is a limit in .net, it's somewhere in the region of 50 million pixels, your file is over 60. It isn't usually an issue as the massive G-code file generated is going to cause problems and it would take days to engrave. I've done files as large as 12 million lines of G-code, but that was over 27 hours of run time.

  • @nottingham82 it just maybe number 1. The same thing happened in LaserGRBL as i wsd troubleshooting. I haven't changed the default resolution only the scale.

    @Zax i reduce the size to something smaller and it worked. I believe it was about 35k lines of code. I will need to figure this out in order to cut a 4x8 length. Would it help to create the design with a transparent background, create the gcode then bring it into T2 ? I am wondering what i need to do to reduce the number of lines... not that I know how gcode works or anything.

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    well you could make it a dxf file. Meaning the laser will follow those lines. You will have to use a hatch plugin like eggbot if you want to use inkscape to make the solid parts solid. Otherwise everything will be outlines.

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    Just based on your screenshot it looks like vector (DXF) would be better, but it depends on your job.

    If you want to email it to me I can help you set it up the best way, or you can post it here if it’s something you don’t mind sharing it.

    I don’t know how such a huge image could be 35k lines of G-code, something isn’t making sense.

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