Spindle Motor Will Not Start

  • Did some carvings and turned off Eleksmill. Now my spindle will not spin when turned on.
    What could be the cause of this?

  • Can you make it run if you apply power to just the spindle?
    Disconnect it from the controller and apply a voltage to it and see if it spins.
    Also, measure the resistance of the motor at the leads

  • Hi. I did that and it works. Now I have two adapters, one running the spindle, the other powers the control board. Will measure resistance,what will be a good and bad value?

  • I am not totally sure on exactly what would be good or bad. Being that it is a motor, you will have some resistance. If you get 0 ohms, then your motor is shorted out and will not work. If you are able to make it run with a different power supply, then the spindle should be fine and you need to check start moving back to the controller. start with the wires and then look at the controller. Might be a bad Mosfet or something

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