@Nuri-Arslan said in A3 Pro don't moving:

1.Eleksmaker 2500 A3Pro

Mana SE Yes . Push laser on (ON) Push laser off (OFF) EleksCAM 1,0,0,6 and 3,1 test on two versions
5 . Win 10 Home Türkiye (Turkey)

Connection normal .
Laser head manuel moving normal. (on elekscam)
laser on/ off burning.

i have problem last step on elekscam.
bolded text> carving start but dont moving laser. (burning one point.)

Nothing is wrong with software. Do not use Laser On/Off - there is no need to use those buttons. Your motors not move because regional settings, you must change 3,1 to show 3.1

You must give program administrators privileges.

If motors not move you must check current on driver boards. You should check if motor wired to correct port.

If you cannot figure out how to USE elekscam, then use;

Lasergrbl or Laserweb